Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Wedding fever

Now that spring is here, there must be the smell of romance in the air as we've been getting lots enquiries for wedding cakes.  It's one of the few occasions where people get the chance to go all out for a fantastic cake, and I love working with couples to help come up with a design that fits in perfectly with their day.
A few weeks ago, Melissa and I attended our first wedding fayre in Burgess Hill, which went really well, although we did learn a few good lessons from the day:
1. Don't stay out late the night before - wedding fayres and hangovers are not a good combination;
2. People love free cake, but not as much as you might think - I made two 10" square cakes for tasters, thinking 100 portions each of two flavours would be about right for about 250 brides (plus their fiances, bridesmaids, mothers, kids...).  We brought back over half of each cake and even I can't make my way through that much cake before it goes off.  Luckily we knew a few people that could help us out...
3. Invest in a screen to put up behind the table - we thought these were provided so felt a bit foolish when we had nothing to hang our sign on!
Still, you only learn by experience, and we had a great day, generating lots of interest in our cakes.  Here's a photo of yours truly waiting for the crowd of brides to arrive:
I was really pleased with how the show cakes turned out -  I think they reflect our quirky style and also show a range of designs to appeal to different tastes:

And thanks to the success of the day and our recent marketing efforts with Your Sussex Wedding Magazine orders are now starting to fill up for later on in the year, which is great.
Meanwhile, here's a cake I delivered back in February, which I was really pleased with.  It was for a lovely Brighton couple, Julia and Chris, who had their wedding at the stunning Newick Park near Lewes.  They chose a chocolate cake with chocolate Italian meringue buttercream filling and with Grand Prix red roses cascading down the side - the scent of the roses was stunning.

Congratulations Julia and Chris, I'm so pleased to have been a part of your day, and thrilled that you loved the cake.

If you like the look of any of these cakes and would like me to make a cake for your upcoming wedding or special event, please email - I love to create bespoke designs so feel free to send me any ideas and we will come up with a fantastic and unique cake to be the centrepiece for your day.

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