Sunday, 28 August 2011

Another market stall success + new and improved website goes live

Yesterday Melissa and I spent the day selling our handmade wares at Nigel's Eco Market in the Lanes.  We had a great day, met some interesting and likeminded people, gave out lots of business cards and even made a bit of a profit - hurrah!
Check out Melissa on the stall, modelling one of our new Brighton Baker aprons:

There was a great vibe about the day, all the other stall holders we met were really friendly and were showcasing some fantastic products from recycled clothing and accessories to teacup birdfeeders - it was hard not to blow our takings before we'd even left the building. 

And just in time for the event, our new and improved website is now live.  Thanks to Marc at Unemployedesigners for all his work on the site.  We still have a couple of tweaks to make and some more cake photos to be uploaded but please take a look and like us on Facebook.

Until next time, happy baking xx

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CraftyBird said...

Brilliant! Sorry I missed it. The new aprons and website look amazing. x