Friday, 22 July 2011

Happy 30th Slim! Gluten Free Lemon & Orange Cake

The whole reason that I wanted to start the Brighton Bakery was because I love designing and baking cakes.  Especially big ones for special occasions.  So I was thrilled to be asked by my good friend Laura to bake a cake for her boyfriend Slim's 30th Birthday.
Slim is pretty well known for being a rather handy man.  Along with Laura's help, he has just converted an old ambulance into a campervan called Big Trev (check out the Big Trev blog for how they did it) and when they recently moved down to Brighton instead of buying a bed Slim decided to make one out of wood instead.  Impressive.  So of the 3 ideas I suggested to Laura for the design of the cake it's no surprise she thought that the handyman idea was perfect.
The birthday boy is wheat intolerant so I had a chance to test drive my first gluten free celebration cake.  I knew that Slim loved the luscious lemon trickle mash cake I made a few weeks ago but it's quite fragile and I wasn't sure how it would scale up to a 10" cake.  So instead I plumped for a recipe in my new Red Velvet & Chocolate Heartache cookbook (hate the title but love the recipes) that uses a similar mix of ground almonds and vegetables as the base and is designed to be made as a big cake. 

It took a little longer than I thought it would to make, but I have to say I'm really pleased with how it turned out:

Laura picked it up this morning so it's yet to be revealed to Slim but I really hope he likes it.  In my next blog I'll show you the making of....


Rags said...

Just to say, Slim's cake was just LUSH. It looked amazing and I would never in a million years thought of putting courgette in a cake but it seriously worked. Wicked site. Wicked cake. Really impressed! Wendy :)

BrightonBaker said...

Thanks for leaving a comment Wendy! I'm so pleased you guys enjoyed it, it's lovely to hear your feedback :o)

Jones Morris said...

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